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SANKOFA Exhibit Consultants

Growing from a small, privately-held family holding, our collection features numerous museum-quality items and slavery-era artifacts, such as: leg irons and shackles; "legal" documents of enslavement {i.e.: plantation listings; auction appraisals; estate wills; manumission documents/"freedom papers"}; original newspapers with "runaway slave ads"; first-edition 18th and 19th century pro-slavery and anti-slavery books and pamphlets; and original pictures, prints, and archival manuscript documents.

Utilizing an educational technique which we have coined "ARTIFACTual Learning", both of our educational outreach services (SANKOFA Exhibit Consultants and E.S.T.E.E.M., Inc.) allow our audience to personally view and examine items and artifacts of historic African American significance.

SANKOFA Exhibit Consultants

SANKOFA Exhibit Consultants is our research based, preservation-oriented resource service whose educational mission is..."to document and present the African American slavery experience and to educate and empower its audience through the presentational use of authentic, slavery-related artifacts."

Through SANKOFA Exhibit Consultants, we are able to offer museums, institutions, and organizations the ability to borrow certain museum-quality artifacts from our collection for use with their own exhibits, on an "on-loan" basis.

These "on-loan" exhibit packages are personalized to complement the individual program, educational event, or research initiative, such as: museum exhibitions and gallery showings; historical research books and projects; cultural conferences; genealogical studies and family reunion programs; Underground Railroad conferences and studies; Kwanzaa celebrations; Juneteenth celebrations; and reparations research initiatives.

All of our exhibition packages and 'specialty-themed' exhibits can also be made available for long-term usage.

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E.S.T.E.E.M., Inc.

E.S.T.E.E.M. ("Empowering Students Through Education, Enlightenment, and Motivation") was originally developed in 1998 as P.R.I.S.M! Educational Resource Company. Incorporated in 2004, E.S.T.E.E.M's primary mission is: "to raise the historical education, cultural consciousness, and social issues awareness of African American youth through the interactive teaching of history, heritage, and culture."

Having presented at numerous educational empowerment programs and youth development seminars (both nationally and internationally), we have found that for audiences to "see" and to personally view rare and historic artifacts (being especially mindful and respectful of their painful past) and to interact and exchange in meaningful and substantive dialogue has proven to be very inspirational, educational, and thought provoking.

All of our presentations are tailored to the educational needs of the organization. Further, E.S.T.E.E.M. will provide all of our participants with "take-home" handouts, research material, and related resource documentation that will prove to be of great assistance in their future studies.