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Bro. Gene Alexander Peters With Dr. Joy DeGruy (Leary) and NYS Regent Adelaide L. Sanford (February 2009)

About Our Founder

Gene Alexander Peters is an educational consultant and collector of rare African American artifacts.
In 1998, he founded SANKOFA Exhibit Consultants with the specialized focus of providing cultural and exhibition consulting services relating to the diasporic African American slavery experience.

With the success of SANKOFA Exhibit Consultants, in 2004, Mr. Peters launched E.S.T.E.E.M., Inc.
as an educational complement and as a youth empowerment and motivational initiative. Through both endeavors, Mr. Peters has lectured and exhibited both nationally and internationally, and has presented at numerous museums, colleges, and conferences.

As a "primary source" researcher, Mr. Peters has also traveled extensively throughout the United States and has participated in research visits to Africa, England, Brazil, and to the Caribbean in order to personally understand the "Triangular Slave Trade" and its enduring legacy throughout the diaspora.

Mr. Peters received his Bachelors and Master's Degrees from the State University of New York College at Buffalo and also holds a Minor in African American Studies. He is on the professional staff at Farmingdale State College and is pursuing his doctorate at Dowling College of Long Island where his present research is focused on teacher attitudes regarding the implementation of African American Studies within the K-12 curriculum.

...on a personal note:
"To those to whom much is given, much is expected!" - The Bible (Luke 12:48)

"Thank you for your interest in what for me has been a lifelong 'calling'.

I am heartened by the fact that so many people of all races and backgrounds are now interested in what has long been an untold, misinterpreted, and long-forgotten story.

Thus, my 'calling' is:

To document and to share the story of our ancestors ('Our Story') from a position of strength, courage, and advocacy!!

The Door Of No Return, Goree Island, Senegal, West Africa

When I first started on this quest, after seeing one of my first presentations, my late great, great Aunt Bea proudly remarked that my great grandparents (Isiah Thomas and Keziah Nanton) would have been proud of my efforts.

For me, that put it all into perspective!

I thank God for all of his blessings...

I thank God for everything!!

Peace and Progress....