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"...Too Long Have Others Spoken for Us!"

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We Wish to Plead Our Own Cause. Too Long Have Others Spoken for Us."

(This was the opening editorial statement from the nation's first African American newspaper, "Freedom's Journal", published in New York City, on March 16, 1827).

The history of the millions of African human beings kidnapped from their homeland, transported throughout the diaspora to the Caribbean and the Americas, and enslaved under inhumane plantation systems and chattel conditions, is colloquially referred to as: "Slave History". Despite horrific perils, disappointments, and defeats, their resourcefulness, ingenuity, courage, and skill allowed for their survival and led to their ultimate triumph over slavery! This is what we seek to understand and to explain.

Thus, the Akan proverb: SANKOFA ("One must look to one's past in order to chart one's future") is our guiding principle. Following in the footsteps of such visionary and legendary African American research historians as - Arturo A. Schomburg (1874 - 1938), Daniel A.P. Murray (1818 - 1907), and Dr. Carter G. Woodson (1875 - 1950), we remain dedicated to the memory, the spirit, and the continued "voice" of our ancestors.

Therefore, our three-fold mission is:
1) To research and document the diasporic history of enslaved Africans.
2) To collect and preserve authentic slavery-related artifacts and historic items of African American significance.
3) To educate through lectures, presentations, exhibitions, and museum displays.

Through SANKOFA Exhibit Consultants and E.S.T.E.E.M., Inc., we honor those ancestors by presenting their stories and keeping their memories alive. As their story must now be told, we proudly hold the mantle of the ancestors as we "speak now for those who could not speak for themselves".

We agree "...too long have others spoken for us!"

SANKOFA Exhibit Consultants - "On-Loan" Exhibitions
(Mini Exhibits & Large Scale Displays; 1 Day - 12 Month Terms)

E.S.T.E.E.M., Inc. - "Empowering Students Through Education, Enlightenment, and Motivation"
(Educational, Historical, and Cultural Workshops)


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